A vocation is not career option. It is a call from God to serve Him and be a co-laborer with Him in His redemption and restoration of all mankind and creation alike.

Fr. Deacon John, Metropolitan +JOHN and Stavrophoremonk Symeon

ALL ARE CALLED…to live the Christian life of discipleship.

THOUGH FEW ARE CHOSEN…to be apostles, evangelizers, priests and monastics who have freely given their lives to Christ, in Whom they shall have Life abundantly!

Do you feel called to a life of prayer and communion with God?
Do you desire to serve Christ by serving others?

The Archdiocese of New York & New Jersey (within the Holy Orthodox Synod of Milan) is a missionary minded community dedicated to reaching out to all persons of West European background leading them home to the Church of their forefathers of the first millennium, namely the Orthodox Church, that ancient Catholic Church in Western Europe until the year 1054 a.d. 

Personal & communal prayer is at the focal point of our life in Christ.  Within our Archdiocese, as throughout the Milan Metropolia, we have parishes, missions and monastic institutions observing either the Eastern Rite (Slavic-Byzantine) or the ancient Western Rite (Anglo-Roman or “Sarum“).  

Combined with liturgical prayer, the Holy Mysteries (sacraments) of the Church and private devotions there is the active aspect. That is the actual living in Christ and reaching out to others with the Love of Christ made real within and through us by Divine Grace and our cooperation (synergy).

Indeed the Holy Orthodox Church is the Mystical Body of Christ.  There is only One Body of Christ therefore Christ established only One Church. The Orthodox Church is a fellowship of Divine Love, a spiritual family, which both strengthens our human relationships and gives to us more than the world is able.

If you feel you have a vocation to serve God through His Church


if you wish simply to join the Orthodox Church as a layperson

you are welcome to correspond with us.

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